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Navigating the complexity of network administration with Meraki Access Based Managed Network Services

Enterprises today are increasingly reliant on robust and agile network infrastructure to drive their operations forward. However, managing and maintaining networks pose significant challenges, ranging from complexity and security concerns to scalability and resource constraints.

Sify’s advanced network solutions are tailored to meet the diverse needs of modern businesses. Through our partnership with Meraki Access, we offer comprehensive managed network services designed to streamline network operations effectively. Driven by ITIL based best practices, Sify’s Managed Network Services provides 24×7 proactive monitoring and management of the WAN network, including Customer Premise Equipment (CPE), to offer ‘end to end’ network availability, performance, and reporting with assured guarantees to Sify Network Customers.


Our service offerings

Managed WLAN: Seamless wireless connectivity

Our Managed WLAN solutions leverage Meraki technology to deliver seamless wireless connectivity. By integrating robust security measures and dynamic scalability, we ensure reliable network access without the complexities of manual configuration and troubleshooting.

Managed LAN: Centralized management for optimal efficiency

With our Managed LAN services, powered by Meraki, we centralize network management for enhanced efficiency. Real-time visibility and automated monitoring facilitate proactive maintenance, ensuring optimal LAN performance at all times.

Managed WAN: Enhanced wide area network performance

Maximize the potential of your wide area network with our Managed WAN solutions, built on Meraki's advanced features. We optimize network management processes and improve performance metrics to facilitate seamless connectivity across your organization.

Branch-in-a-Box: Simplified branch office networking

Transform your branch offices into agile hubs of productivity with our Branch-in-a-Box solution, leveraging Meraki technology. Our integrated networking solutions simplify deployment and maintenance, empowering businesses to focus on their core business objectives.

Partnering with Sify gives you access to expertly managed Meraki-based products, enabling you to optimize your network infrastructure with confidence. Explore how our services can enhance your business operations today.