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High-availability CDN services: Akamai content delivery network with low latency and high speed

Sify is a partner of Akamai, a global leader in content delivery, cybersecurity and edge compute solutions. With the world’s largest edge network comprising over 4,200 PoPs and 350,000 edge servers, Akamai enables businesses to deliver a secure and high-quality customer experience, no matter where their end-users are located.


Akamai services

Security solutions

API and Application Security

  • Intelligent, end-to-end protection for websites, applications and APIs
  • Instant mitigation of network layer DDoS attacks at the edge
  • Automatically discover and protect your APIs from evolving threats

Zero Trust Security

  • Enable your workforce to work from anywhere with fast and secure access to enterprise applications
  • Prevent enterprise data theft
  • Stop the spread of malware and ransomware

Account Takeover Protection

  • Stop bots, fraud actors and credential abuse with proactive detection and mitigation services
  • Monitor and mitigate bot attacks with integrated capabilities designed to detect and stop unwanted bots
  • Keep fraudsters out and improve customer trust

Edge DNS

  • High availability with 100% uptime SLA
  • Protect against DNS forgery and manipulation
  • Simplified DNS infrastructure management

Edge offerings

Edge Delivery

  • Create high-quality digital experiences to the largest audiences on any device
  • Deliver flawless dynamic content even at peak traffic
  • Enhance user experience across websites and applications

Cloud Optimization

  • Optimize application performance, avoid outages
  • Manage internet traffic with feedback and reports from real-time load data
  • Increase site availability and responsiveness to online user requests

Edge Applications

  • Optimize and enhance visual media across all devices
  • Make your web pages lighter and faster
  • Run your application logic at the edge, closer to your end-users


  • Capture your user experience data and optimize website performance
  • Analyze media delivery performance and viewer engagement
  • Get an inside look into your CDN performance with log data available within minutes

Why customers choose Sify

Advisory & migration expertise

Comprehensive tool-based discovery and assessment for cloud migration

Experience in 200+ complex cloud migration projects.

Multi cloud management and cloud optimization services

Providing customers better visibility and control while enabling cloud usage policy, maintaining governance and regulations by industry to ensure cost optimization

Unified security and compliance automation

Ensuring unified security and visibility on a single console with augmented controls and proactive threat monitoring services across your cloud infrastructure

Hybrid cloud-led digital infrastructure

Offering cloud-adjacent data centers and GlobalCloudConnect to hyperscale CSPs along with Sify Virtual Private Cloud

IT modernization

Cloud-agnostic digital infrastructure and value stream management solutions around DevSecOps and CI/CD as a service, ensuring a compelling user experience and agile delivery

Skills & certifications

500 + certified cloud professionals, 150+ dedicated, highly skilled cloud engineering and security experts​