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Immersive Experience Solution

Virtual Reality Services that deliver exceptional user experiences

Sify’s Extended Reality solutions use AR/VR, MR, and AI tools to help organizations create an immersive experience for people, products and processes, using design thinking. Our custom-built Extended Reality solutions are scalable and compliant with industry-standard privacy, security, and health and safety guidelines.



AR-iPad based training
Augmented-Reality-based training and performance support delivered on iPad device

Dual Access
WebGL/Quest-based VR for training manufacturing operators on customized, context-specific engineering skills

VR Haptics
Haptic glove-based VR for training laboratory analysts on compliance skills

VR for Leadership Training
Virtual-Reality-based training to help managers increase self-awareness about their unconscious biases during hiring and coaching

Virtual-Reality-based onboarding experiences to provide new joiners a real and personal connect to the organization

Platforms and devices for XR solutions and services

Standard Virtual Reality Solutions

based VR

Oculus Go

HTC Vive

HTC Vive

Oculus Rift S

Oculus Rift S

Oculus Quest

Gesture-based Hands Free VR

Leap Motion VR

Manus VR

Augmented Reality Solutions



Vuzix AR Glasses



Why customers choose Sify

Learning at the core

Over two decades of helping organizations with the digital transformation of their content using our custom learning and content solutions that bridge gaps in people development and human resources.

Modern design

Help modernize your organization’s learning program using human-centric design for digital augmentation to make learning experiences more engaging for the younger, digital-savy workforce.

Innovative solutions

We improve people, process, and product development by helping users gain knowledge, and facilitating application and behavior change while enhancing experience through innovative design ideas, and technology best practices.

Return on Investment

Our ROI matrix for clients ensures improvement in time to competence, reduces training time, increases productivity through training intervention, saves equipment operations downtime, and enhances empathy quotients.​​