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Stay agile and in control through unified cloud and Hybrid IT Integration Services

Hybrid IT serves as the overarching strategy or blueprint that governs the deployment and delivery of various elements of an organization’s IT landscape, including distributed workloads, data footprints, applications, services, microservices, and so on. 

Sify’s hybrid IT architectures seek to replace the ‘one-cloud-fits-all’ approach, by taking an innovative and balanced approach towards IT, tapping into the best of what on-premise and cloud IT has to offer. Sify delivers an exceptional hybrid IT experience through CI, AWS, Azure, Google, OCI and on-premise build models that drive performance, agility and scale, while avoiding roadblocks like vendor lock-ins.

Hybrid IT Integration Services

Our service offerings

Hybrid IT
An innovative and balanced approach to own and consume IT with the best of both scenarios – on-premises and public cloud
Private Cloud Build
Self-owned cloud data center with full automation and a single, centralized point of control
Design, implementation, and integration of multiple public cloud environments
DC Modernization
Standardization of infrastructure, consolidation, hyper-convergence, virtualization, automation, and security of data centers
DC Network Build
Agile, high-performance, software-defined, and low-latency backbone of the data center network
Managed Services
Skills, tools, and flexible monitoring processes to manage your entire IT footprint, DCs, security, and networks