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Enabling a new paradigm in Industrial Automation

Industries today face complex challenges in maintaining the quality standards of their products. As businesses demand accelerated pace of production, manual quality inspections are becoming a bottleneck and increasingly prone to errors. End-to-end process visibility and traceability remains to be a challenge, while scrap and rework costs continues to increase. In addition, the need to manage multiple systems for various operational needs introduces significant self-maintenance complexities. As defective and incorrect products reach the market, businesses face mounting warranty costs and product recalls that adversely impact revenue.

Sify and Relimetrics have joined forces to establish new benchmarks in Industrial automation. Our integrated approach bridges manufacturing gaps by leveraging industrial-grade AI automation like never before. The Sify Infinit Operational Technology (OT) platform with Collaboration Data Curation, built-in state of the Art AI models will bring Shop floor know-how to AI, having full control over re-training with cost efficient and auto scale up capability to digitize visual quality inspections, creating full traceability in all stages of production and boosting process efficiency. The self-maintainable, AI-powered ReliVision platform empowers users to handle multiple use cases without additional integrations. As trusted partners, Sify and Relimetrics provide the complete infrastructure, network, and support services needed to ensure a seamless and streamlined performance.

AI-ML Model Development via Sify RM Trainer

Autonomous QA, traceability, efficiency with a single solution

Sify Infinit OT leverages the ReliVision AI platform to enhance quality assurance, allowing for immediate detection and near-real-time remediation of trends, patterns, anomalies, and drifts. It also excels in meticulous tracking and recording of all processes. It offers a drill-down view of manufacturing operations, enabling businesses to optimize logistics, manage inventory better, and predict future demand. It also enhances productivity and operational efficiency by integrating sensor data, machine learning, and IoT solutions to reduce waste, and increase throughput. Enhanced edge computing capabilities ensure defects are addressed promptly before progressing upstream. This in turn aids in audits, root cause analysis, preventive maintenance, quality control, compliance, and continuous process improvement.

QA digitization for near-zero-defect manufacturing
Ensuring traceability across manufacturing automation

Self-maintainable AI infrastructure

By drawing on the strengths of the ReliVision AI platform, Sify’s Infinit OT, uniquely designed for seamless self-management and versatility, offers the ability to address end-to-end operational requirements with ease. Its in-built, self-maintainable AI infrastructure empowers users to handle multiple tasks within the single platform, effortlessly extending and adapting to new use cases. They can set up automated quality inspections, track every step of their production process, and optimize operations. This streamlined approach not only saves time and money but also makes it easier for their teams to manage and maintain the system as their needs evolve.

Sify: One partner, comprehensive solutions

Partnering with Sify enables businesses to experience the ease of a single, comprehensive solution provider for all their Automation needs. Sify’s unified approach delivers the complete package of end-to-end services, including cloud infrastructure, network or security or custom collaborative solutions. Businesses no longer need to juggle multiple vendors and systems as Sify’s end-to-end managed services guarantee seamless integration and vendor management, drastically reducing operational complexity. With Sify as a single trusted partner covering all aspects of Industrial automation, businesses achieve higher productivity, lower costs, and superior outcomes without being challenged by day-to-day operational hassles.

Enhancing productivity and operational efficiency
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Why Sify?

Single partner
A one-stop solution provider offering all services and support, simplifying management and coordination
Quantified savings
Savings are measured and documented, demonstrating clear financial benefits
Guaranteed outcomes
AI powered solutions fine tuned to meet business expectations and deliver value
Flexible and scalable innovations
Innovate to easily adapt to changes and scale in capacity or scope