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Efficient Multi Cloud Managed Services: CloudInfinit Multi Cloud Management Platform

Most organizations adopt a multi cloud or hybrid cloud strategy out of a desire to avoid vendor lock-ins or to take advantages of best-of-breed solutions across public and private clouds. It becomes challenging to build an integrated ecosystem to deliver maximum cloud management benefits. The biggest challenge for a customer is visibility and control of the cloud ecosystem.

Sify infinitCMP allows organizations to adopt, integrate or deploy any target cloud environment – hyperscalers or private cloud (CloudInfinit), over a single pane of glass.

infinitCMP provides customers with better visibility and control while enabling cloud usage policy, maintaining governance and regulations by industry thereby ensuring cost optimization.


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Sify Gen-V Multi Cloud Management Platform (infinitCMP)

Key features

Single portal enabling seamless
migration and intelligent operations
Fully API-driven and policy-
based automation use cases
Capacity and resource visibility
bringing cost control
Unified security
ready platform

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To architect and implement the most efficient multi or hybrid cloud

Consistent user experience across clouds to simplify consumption

Out-of-the box, best-practices-driven blueprints that can be further customized

Automated discovery and tagging of resources across clouds for efficient management

AI-driven continual workload optimization for improved app performance

Round trip ITSM integration for comprehensive visibility and auto remediation

Detailed tracking of billing data to rationalize consumption and optimize costs