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Digital workspace

Desktop-as-a-Service: Easy-to-use digital workplace on the cloud

In the new normal, organizations need to configure their employees’ workstations faster, while enabling anywhere, anytime secure access.

Sify’s CloudInfinit hybrid cloud infrastructure offers a seamless, efficient, fast, and reliable virtualization service pack integrating compute, network, storage, security, and virtualization depending on the usage and the number of users at scale. It offers simplified management of virtual desktop environments using a modern architecture that delivers the best experience, irrespective of user location.



Work from anywhere and anytime

Enhance workplace productivity through faster deployment

Secure access management

Reduce downtime and expert support

Increase device flexibility – bring your own endpoints

Scale as needed, by user and usage, with a simple billing model

Support thousands of secure desktop services for enterprises

Infinite possibilities with Sify CI​

Cloud Leadership Across Industries

Decade-plus experience of managing and migrating 200+ cloud customers in India
Holistic multi cloud approach across public, private and hybrid
On-premise-like experience for your cloud workloads
Assured cost-effectiveness for predictable loads
Single point of ownership across all digital-led IT infrastructure
Outcome-based service models enable industries to relate with their business