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Simplify your AI/ML lifecycle to enhance digital business outcomes

AI has become imperative for enterprises with modern applications to benefit from the increasing volume and velocity of omnichannel data in various forms, be it structured, semi-structured or unstructured, in their pursuit of digital transformation.

With Sify InfinitAI/ML platform, you can experience the convenience of a comprehensive and simplified platform that spans across the AI/ML lifecycle. It seamlessly manages and supervises data at all stages, eliminating disruptions and ensuring smooth coordination.

Explore the immense possibilities offered by our purpose-built platform designed to handle real-time operational data scenarios efficiently. Our platform provides holistic visualization, data lineage, governance, and security, empowering you to navigate the complexities of developing and training ML models.


Explore the future of data querying with AI/ML! Join us in this insightful interview with, where Ravi Maguluri and Sushant Dubey from Sify Technologies delve into the power of AI models and the Infinit AI/ML platform. Discover how these tools are democratizing data querying, enabling businesses to extract valuable insights and drive informed decisions.

InfinitAI/ML Platform – powering diverse industry sectors
Key use cases

Banking and Insurance

  • Deepened customer insights, reduced acquisition costs and increased retention
  • Turn customer interactions into actionable insights to prevent churn to competition
  • Enable credit risk analysis, and accelerate credit scoring
  • Continual improvement in anti-money laundering and proactive fraud detection processes

Industrial & Manufacturing

  • Optimize energy usage leading to cost savings
  • Prescriptive manufacturing to improve efficiency
  • Minimized downtime costs through accurate predictions of equipment failures and proactive maintenance
  • Accurate demand forecasting to optimize production and inventory
  • Detect anomalies and defects to enable optimization of processes and maximize output

Supply Chain and Logistics

  • Optimized shipping routes to minimize time and cost
  • Reduced transportation expenses through efficient route planning and resource allocation
  • Reduced operational costs through streamlined supply chain operations
  • Auto-detection of false invoices and shipments to improve supply chain security


  • Enhanced patient outcomes through personalized care
  • Accelerated drug discovery, development and production
  • Proactive diagnosis to begin early treatment
  • Effective clinical trials, personalized medicine and treatment
  • Streamlined processes reduce administrative burdens and costs
  • Data security and privacy of sensitive healthcare data through robust encryption
  • Efficient resource allocation of staff and equipment

Retail, Media and Entertainment

  • Increased sales by analyzing customer behavior and strategic enhancements
  • Personalized product recommendations and real-time support
  • Auto-detection and removal of inappropriate content to deliver safe and secure shopping experiences

Data Centers

  • Power optimization and cost savings by improving usage efficiencies
  • Demand forecast and allocation to meet future resource requirements
  • Complement DC infrastructure management by enhancing existing tools
  • Automated dashboard analytics for real-time insights and decision-making
  • Digital twin technology for DC simulation and optimization

Chatbots/Virtual Assistants

  • Assistance with accurate information
  • Support in completing tasks
  • Org-specific private data collection

InfinitAI/ML – Modern data platform architecture

Platform Benefits

Real-time insights, game-changing results

Leverage real-time insights in your operations to maximize operational efficiencies and stay ahead of competition. Effortlessly transform real-time business data into AI predictions.

Rapid deployment

Streamline the entire AI/ML lifecycle, from data ingestion and preparation to model creation and deployment. Seamlessly integrate AI-powered predictions into existing business applications and accelerate the adoption of AI across your business.

AI for everyone

Low-code, end-to-end stack empowers you to build AI/ML pipelines using simple, declarative SQL scripts. You can define data sources, features, contexts, and prediction endpoints without complex programming.

Contextual data: the secret of accurate predictions

Automatically ingest and transform real-time data, such as, weather and traffic, into contextual features, providing the necessary information for AI models to make accurate predictions for business operations.

Deploy anywhere

Whether your business is hosted on a hyperscale public cloud service, an on-premises data center, or both you gain the power and flexibility to run AI wherever you need it. It also offers a fully managed service for enterprises that prefer not to manage the solution themselves.

Why customers choose Sify

Integrated Digital IT infrastructure management
Build, host, and manage IT infrastructure securely across hybrid and multi cloud environments, DCs, and networks, with optimal performance
Migration at scale
Over 250 migrations across hyperscalers and private clouds ensure a risk-free transition
Leadership in complex integrated project implementation
Over 2 decades of proven experience in successfully implementing large turnkey, integrated Digital ICT projects with innovative business models
Continuous innovation
Sify provides continuous innovation for enterprises through its InfinitDigital services and modern applications like Full Stack Observability, AI/ML, DAM, AR/VR/MR for ever changing market dynamics
Unique solution
Automated service graph offers a comprehensive picture of your IT infrastructure, components and intricate interdependencies
Reliable services
Well-defined practices, principles, and culture built on SRE and DevOps foundations accelerate time to outcome and business value