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Host Security Services: Enterprise-scale endpoint threat monitoring and protection

The growing popularity of remote work often results in more threats to the endpoint. Employees access data and applications from multiple devices with different capabilities, applications, and operating systems. Host Security is the critical last line of defense in preventing cyber-attacks from compromising those devices and penetrating your network. ​

Sify’s Host Security Services provide visibility on the endpoint runtime performance and protection to secure enterprise-wide workloads comprising containers, and Kubernetes from both internal as well as external threats.

Endpoint security Managed Services

Key Features

Monitor, collect and analyze activity data
from endpoints, containers, and Kubernetes that could indicate a threat
Automatically respond to identified
threats to remove or contain them and notify security personnel
Machine-learning classification to detect
zero-day threats in near-real-time and prevent data exfiltration
Integrated firewall to block hostile network
Insider threat protection to safeguard against unintentional and malicious actions
Centralized endpoint management platform to improve visibility and simplify operations

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