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Connect to the Edge Sify Technologies’ Network Transformation Services

Today’s enterprises are accelerating efforts to move to the cloud for on-demand compute, capacity, scale, better reach, and higher availability. With the unprecedented advancement in IoT, data modeling, and AI/ML, there is a growing focus on edge computing and its benefits – to expand core services to the edge devices seamlessly. It is important to leverage data where it is produced. Decisions need to be taken in near-real-time, and latency needs to be reduced to provide seamless customer and employee experiences. The modern-day digital enterprise needs the foundation of a robust managed edge network platform that comprises wired and wireless services offered through managed Wi-Fi platforms, and public and private 5G, to achieve its digital ambition.

Sify’s Edge Connect platform plays an important role in the security, unified policy, mobility, access, visibility, automation, and autonomy of end-user devices, IoT, and so on. New technologies, such as edge cloud, IoT, smart buildings, and smart cities leverage this platform for digital transformation, developing new revenue streams, and promoting exceptional user experiences.



Quick, accurate

Real-time information is available to onsite production teams via the Wi-Fi platform

Better production
planning & logistics

Assets tracking to minimize waste/loss by using sensors


Information on-the-go for end-users to access the corporate network

Lower IT support costs

As-a-service model frees up IT Team’s bandwidth to focus on business-critical activities

Improve employee safety

Human Resources tracking helps prevent employees from entering restricted plant areas

Key Services

Edge Connect
Advisory Services

From site surveys and coverage assessment to application landscape study – the complete edge strategy & design delivered as a managed service

Edge Connect
Implementation Services

End-to-end implementation of the wireless network, including guest access, authentication and controls, security policy definitions, and complete network visibility

Wireless Management
and Analytics

Access to a secure platform that provides insights into user patterns, applications access and analytics, asset tracking, client monitoring, anomaly detection, and RF monitoring