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Break the barrier of siloed monitoring and get on to Full Stack Observability

As the digital ecosystem evolves, a single user journey often involves interactions with multiple applications. The applications interact with the underlying, disparate operating systems, hardware for storage, computing and network to function seamlessly. In such a complex technological landscape, ensuring the availability and performance of your business services is paramount.

A siloed approach to monitoring individual elements does not provide sufficient insights for assured performance and availability of the whole system. Comprehensive observation and correlation in real time at a system level, across the complete stack, is the need of the hour. In such a context, the implementation of AIOps enables businesses to correlate data, identify unusual patterns and avoid potential challenges proactively.


Introducing Sify’s InfinitFSO Services

Sify’s InfinitFSO leverages advanced AI and machine learning capabilities to provide real-time, 360-degree observability across the full stack, allowing you to stay ahead of potential issues and remediate them before they impact your critical applications. InfinitFSO meticulously collects MELT (Metrics, Events, Logs, and Traces) data at each “element” level, be it network, compute, application, security, or storage.

Using this rich data, Sify’s proprietary algorithms and tools, InfinitFSO constructs a multi-domain service graph that illuminates the intricate relationships between your applications and the underlying infrastructure. The service graph becomes the basis for end-to-end observability.

AIOps is heavily used to automate real-time data analysis, providing event correlation, service monitoring, and performance optimization. It can help identify unusual patterns, accelerating anomaly detection and root cause analysis leading to better performance and availability of your business-critical applications.

Key outcomes

Proactive assurance

  • Continuous assurance of outcomes
  • Business-level service assurance & dashboards
  • Predictive analytics and insights

Improved metrics

  • Reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) by 50%
  • Improve time to value (TTV) by 70%

Event correlation/ noise reduction

  • Multi-source integration: cloud, Edge, DC
  • Pull events, metrics, logs and traces
  • Enrich with full stack context
  • Apply ML and algorithmic correlations

Faster incident resolution

  • 2-way collaboration capabilities
  • Built-in diagnostics
  • Auto-remediate with workflow automation

Faster Root Cause Analysis

  • Topology-based root cause analysis and forensics
  • Single pane of observability with on-demand ops triage dashboard

Real-time transaction performance visibility

  • Transaction volumetrics, including tech/business declines, TAT
  • Micro-transaction view based on protocol

Dimensional analysis

  • 360-degree view of performance by issuer/acquirer, aggregator ecosystem entities
    Segmentation by lead indicators

Near-real-time notifications

  • Static and dynamic baseline-driven notifications on any lead indicator
  • Anomalous behavior-driven notifications and configurable rules

Transaction intelligence

  • Extract customer, transaction and entity data to enrich downstream applications
  • Long-term data analysis for compliance and reporting

Why customers choose Sify

Integrated Digital IT infrastructure management
Build, host, and manage IT infrastructure securely across hybrid and multi cloud environments, DCs, and networks, with optimal performance
Migration at scale
Over 250 migrations across hyperscalers and private clouds ensure a risk-free transition
Leadership in complex integrated project implementation
Over 2 decades of proven experience in successfully implementing large turnkey, integrated Digital ICT projects with innovative business models
Continuous innovation
Sify provides continuous innovation for enterprises through its InfinitDigital services and modern applications like Full Stack Observability, AI/ML, DAM, AR/VR/MR for ever changing market dynamics
Unique solution
Automated service graph offers a comprehensive picture of your IT infrastructure, components and intricate interdependencies
Reliable services
Well-defined practices, principles, and culture built on SRE and DevOps foundations accelerate time to outcome and business value