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Revolutionizing your infrastructure with next-level Data Center Integration services

Data centers must support agile infrastructure by leveraging cloud and virtualization, software-defined infrastructure, and automation to meet the evolving business dynamics. 

For over 20 yearsSify has been proactively handling data center projects by tapping into state-of-art tools and robust industrialized methodologies for virtualization, migration, cloud assessment, hybrid cloud deployment, and transitions. 

Our Data Center Integration Service (DCIS) enables enterprises to design, build, deploy, deliver, and secure applications across the distributed enterprise architecture in various commercial models – on-premise, hosted, consumption, or outcome basis.

Data Center Integration Services

Our service offerings

Private Cloud Build
Pioneer in building cloud data centers with full automation and a single centralized point of control
Data Center Build
Designing and building smart, green, and scalable data centers to run business-critical applications on-premise
Data Center Modernization
Standardization of infrastructure, consolidation, hyper-converged infrastructure, virtualization, automation, and security of data centers, with innovative technology adoption
Data Center Network Build
Agile, high-performance, software-defined, and low-latency backbone of the data center network
Managed Services
Leverage skills, tools, processes, and flexible monitoring and management of your entire IT footprint, including data center, cybersecurity, and network infrastructure.