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AWS CDN service with low latency, high availability and high transfer speed

Sify is an advanced consulting partner for AWS and identifies use cases where organizations can leverage the AWS Cloud Network and deliver content through Amazon CloudFront.

CloudFront represents edge servers connected to AWS regions through the AWS network backbone, which deliver content through a reliable, low-latency and high-throughput network. It also protects against network and application layer security attacks to provide a scalable, and high-performance security perimeter for applications and content.



Global edge network

AWS CloudFront uses a global network of over 410 PoPs in over 90 cities across 47 countries to deliver content to the end users with lower latency.


Protects applications and content from network and application layer attacks.

Control who can see your content by allowing only authenticated viewers.


Content is stored in the edge and regional caches and only fetched from origins when needed, thus reducing the load on application origins.

CloudFront supports multiple origins for backend architecture redundancy.

Edge computing

CloudFront functions are ideal for high-scale and latency-sensitive operations to support traffic that is unpredictable and spiky.

Lambda@Edge is a general-purpose serverless compute feature best suited for computationally intensive operations.

Real-time metrics and logging

CloudFront is integrated with AWS CloudWatch to publish 6 operational metrics per distribution, which are visible in the CloudFront console.

With Amazon Kinesis data streams, you can get log records delivered within seconds of the request.


Changes are propagated to the edge in a matter of minutes.

Provides developers with a full-featured API to create, configure and maintain automated CloudFront distributions.

Cost control

Personalized pricing options, including pay-as-you-go, and CloudFront Security Savings Bundle.

Control costs with through consolidated requests, customizable pricing options, and zero fees for data transfer out of AWS origins.

Why customers choose Sify

Advisory & migration expertise

Comprehensive tool-based discovery and assessment for cloud migration

Experience in 200+ complex cloud migration projects.

Multi cloud management and cloud optimization services

Providing customers better visibility and control while enabling cloud usage policy, maintaining governance and regulations by industry to ensure cost optimization

Unified security and compliance automation

Ensuring unified security and visibility on a single console with augmented controls and proactive threat monitoring services across your cloud infrastructure

Hybrid cloud-led digital infrastructure

Offering cloud-adjacent data centers and GlobalCloudConnect to hyperscale CSPs along with Sify Virtual Private Cloud

IT modernization

Cloud-agnostic digital infrastructure and value stream management solutions around DevSecOps and CI/CD as a service, ensuring a compelling user experience and agile delivery

Skills & certifications

500 + certified cloud professionals, 150+ dedicated, highly skilled cloud engineering and security experts