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Maximize sales through supply chain integration and optimization

Increased technology adoption has given rise to customers demanding anytime, anywhere product availability. Raw materials and product inventory have to be constantly re-examined to reduce the risk of supply chain disruption. To overcome these challenges and drive growth, organizations need to realign their SCM strategy, underpinned by the right technology.

Imagine having a platform that seamlessly connects every aspect of your supply chain. From suppliers to distributors and retailers to end-consumers, Sify’s Retail Intelligence Solution, ForumNXT, ensures that every link in the chain is synchronized for maximum efficiency and speed. ForumNXT automates secondary sales processes to integrate their supply chain to maximize sales volumes. Organizations can now plan their GTM faster with actionable insights and real-time visibility across their forward and backward supply chain ecosystem.


Gain complete Visibility and Control over your Forward Supply Chain Network

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Our service offerings

Dealer management

  • – Tracking and monitoring secondary sales and stock information
  • – Transparency and availability of information across the downstream supply chain
  • – Integration with ERP and discrete systems

Mobility solutions (SFF)

  • – Field force automation using mobile
  • – Automation of planning, order capturing, and collection
  • – Streamlining field activities

Business Intelligence (BI) & OLAP reporting

  • – Multi-dimensional data analysis with swift and interactive reporting
  • – Gain deep insights, uncover patterns, and make informed decisions
  • – Ensure a dynamic approach to data analysis and comprehension

360-degree supply chain integration

Platform benefits and value-added services

Smart merchandising

  • – Transform how products are presented and sold, creating a dynamic and responsive retail environment
  • – Leverage real-time data insights to optimize product placement, enhance visual displays, and tailor promotions to maximize sales
  • – Gain a competitive edge by ensuring your merchandise strategy aligns seamlessly with customer preferences and market trends

Beat optimization

  • – Orchestrate rhythmic efficiency in distributor management
  • – Synchronize order processing, minimize lead times, and tune inventory levels to harmonize with demand
  • – Benefit from optimal efficiency, reduced costs, and heightened customer satisfaction

Trade promotion management

  • – Elevate your trade promotion game
  • – Maximize ROI by intelligently planning, executing, and analyzing promotional strategies
  • – Ensure precision in every promotional move, boost sales, and enhance brand visibility

3rd-party integration

  • – Seamlessly integrates with SAP, Oracle, Tally, and other ERP solutions, streamlining financial processes
  • – Achieve real-time synchronization, enhance accuracy
  • – Simplify financial management, so your business operates smoothly and efficiently


  • – Transform mundane tasks into engaging activities
  • – Boost user motivation, drive performance, and create a dynamic work environment
  • – Introduce game elements into daily operations, fostering a culture of productivity and achievement

AI/ML integration

  • – Improve the operation of the DMS through intelligent automated responses and support to users
  • – Enable instant communication with distributors, retailers and customers through value-added services driven by AI/ML technologies integrated into WhatsApp


Expense management for DS
Tracking TA & DA expenses of distributor salesmen and managing claim settlements
ForumNXT – Tally Connector
Tally as the primary system, with data exchange through the connector, presented as informative reports and dashboards
Stock allocation
Automated stock allocation using three different algorithms within the DMS
Scheme implementation in primary orders
Integrating schemes and incentives into primary order processes to enhance sales strategies

Customer success stories

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Over 21+ years of experience in the market with 30,000+ deployments in 545 Indian cities and towns

Integrated solution for dealer management, smart field force and retail management

Easy-to-use cloud-based solution available on pay-per-user model​

Integration capabilities with legacy enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution​s

Enhanced profitability by integrating distributors’ operations with organizations’ processes