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Managed Public Cloud Services: Scalable, secure and customizable

Enterprises are increasingly adopting cloud not only for their new initiatives but also for moving legacy, monolithic infrastructure to highly available and secured hybrid or multi cloud environments to leverage the economies of scale and lower cost.

Sify helps customers with advisory and optimization, implementation and managed services for DC consolidation, virtualization and modernization of IT infrastructure. We have more than two decades of expertise in delivering end-to-end cloud solutions and managing multi cloud environments on major hyperscale cloud providers.



Expert advisory services from the industry leader in cloud services

Unified multi and hybrid cloud management and monitoring

Data center services and management of hosted private cloud services

Centralized SOC for 24/7 monitoring and integrated management services

Business resiliency services with optimal RPO and RTO goals

Cloud adjacency with hyperscale cloud service providers for below 1ms latency

Managed Public Cloud Services


  • – Virtual Private Instance (VPI)
  • – Virtual Private Enterprise (VPE)
  • – On-demand and ubiquitous
  • – Scalable and elastic
  • – Pay as per need


  • – Need-based storage solution
  • – Information-focused delivery
  • – Unified monitoring of storage environment
  • – 24*7 professional management


  • – Create network architecture to suit application tier / layer
  • – Create multiple layers- web, app, and DB
  • – Clustering /grouping of servers under load balancing


  • – Carrier-grade unified threat management (UTM) infrastructure
  • – Firewall & SSL
  • – Vulnerability Assessment/ Penetration Testing
  • – DDoS protection


  • – Environment ready to deploy customer application
  • – Services offered across operating systems, databases, and middleware


  • – Data backup and restore
  • – Remote data backup
  • – Synchronous protect
  • – Disaster protect


  • – Faster deployment of virtual desktop
  • – Reduced downtime for IT support
  • – Cost effectiveness and enhanced security
  • – Pay-as-you-go basis


  • – Pay for the usage during disaster monthly/yearly plans
  • – 50-60% lower total cost of ownership
  • – Capable to deliver ‘zero data loss’ protection

Infinite possibilities with Sify CI​

Cloud Leadership Across Industries

Decade-plus experience of managing and migrating 200+ cloud customers in India
Holistic multi cloud approach across public, private and hybrid
On-premise-like experience for your cloud workloads
Assured cost-effectiveness for predictable loads
Single point of ownership across all digital-led IT infrastructure
Outcome-based service models enable industries to relate with their business