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AWS Direct Connect equips an enterprise to connect its on – prem Datacenters with its AWS Workloads over a secure and deterministic network. Connect with our Network specialist to know more.


Why AWS Direct Connect on Sify's GCC?

AWS Direct Connect Use Cases


Flexible data transfer and storage

Global Cloud Connect offers private, high throughput, secure access to Cloud facilities for periodic migration and replication of data to and from the cloud to customer – managed storage solutions.


Sify DC and AWS Cloud Adjacency

Best of breed Performance with Hybrid-Cloud Configuration through our Cloud Adjacent Data-Center to AWS connected at a very high Speed and very low latency.


Hybrid Cloud Deployment

By virtue of Public cloud being hosted in Sify’s Rabale DC, Workloads can be decoupled and deployed between hybrid clouds like Production environment in Sify's Private cloud while non-Production environment with hyperscaler and viceversa.


Hassle-free Migration Approach

Sify helps organizations to overcome challenges in complex Migrations by using right choice of tools, applications and methodologies and simplify the migrating process across various OS/DB platforms.


Business Intelligence from Big Data

GCC’s high-bandwidth connectivity provides you with the ability to efficiently transfer large data volumes betwee AWS, onPrem sites and other Public CSPs.


Disaster recovery/business continuity

Expertise in offering Backup-As-A-Service, Disaster Recovery-As-A-Service on Enterprise cloud like Sify CIoudInfinit and hyperscalers like AWS with Processes complying to Industry standards prevalent for RPO and RTO.

Your preferred choice for AWS Direct Connect

With capabilities around managing multiple AWS cloud customers, Sify’s AWS Direct Connect services can further help you accelerate your digital priorities. Our highly resilient, low latency country wide network alongside cloud interconnect offer customers the much desired agility, stability, scalability and security.

AWS Certifications 50+

  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate
  • AWS Certified Developer – Associate
  • AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

Partner Programs

  • AWS Solution Provider Program
  • AWS Direct Connect Partner
  • AWS Public Sector Partner
  • AWS Public Sector Solution Provider
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