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Sify Cloud and Network security services enhanced with Netskope products

Customers are today looking for a SASE solution to access the internet and SaaS applications securely and accessing their private/corporate applications without giving access to the whole network and to eliminate the need for separate VPN solution. Sify, with enhanced security architecture with Netskope, will address the demand for advanced Network & Cloud Security Solutions in the market.

Sify, with its expertise in end-to-end managed solutions, deep engagement with OEMs, Network-agnostic managed services, quick & cost-effective rollouts, project implementation expertise and extensive operations support across 1500+ cities are well suited to provide Netskope SASE solutions as part of its Managed Network service offering.


Unified Connectivity: {Sify SD-WAN from various OEMs + Sify Internet Access}  Network Access
Add-On Netskope SSE: {SWG, CASB, ZTNA, FWaaS}  Secure Service Edge
Single Vendor SASE: {Netskope SDWAN + Netskope SSE} Secure Access Service Edge

Sify will provide its SD-WAN (Software-Defined Wide Area Networking) services: Optimizes WAN connections, supporting decentralized data traffic handling for improved performance.

Sify will also provide WAN solution (MPLS/ILL/BB) connecting customer branch offices to their DC, DR and HO sites.

For seamless access to internet, cloud, and web applications, Sify and Netskope recommend SWG (Secure Web Gateways). It provides advanced security for web traffic, including URL filtering and malware protection.

To facilitate secure & optimized access to private and on-premises applications, Sify and Netskope endorse the implementation of Netskope Borderless SD-WAN and ZTNA.

In order to safeguard cloud applications and gain insights into user activities, the deployment of a Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) module is proposed.

To enhance internet security and prevent data loss, advanced cloud firewall and inline Data Loss Prevention (DLP) modules are recommended.

FWaaS (Firewall-as-a-Service): Cloud-based firewall for secure network traffic management without on-premises hardware.

Sify SASE Professional services for One-time implementation. Sify will perform installation and configuration of the Netskope solutions, ensuring seamless integration with customer’s network infrastructure along with Sify provided WAN connectivity and SD-WAN solution.

Sify will perform testing and validation of the deployed solutions to verify functionality, performance, and interoperability.

Sify Managed Services to be provided to the customers for ongoing support and technical assistance on Netskope platform.

SASE support services

One time implementation: Deployment of agents, configuring the central management console, applying policies, policy finetuning, configuring reports, documentation, sign-off.

Configuration changes

User related changes

Admin related changes

Group related changes

New reports

Customization of reports

Troubleshooting issues

User or group

Console related

Logs related

Reports related

Vendor management & Co-ordination for ticket resolution

If Sify could not resolve customer issue on its own, Sify will raise TAC support request with Netskope

Co-ordinate with Netskope for any product related issues/support that’s been requested by customers.

Preventive Maintenance for Netskope solution deployed

Unused policies

Unused Objects

Unused Groups

Policies fine tuning

On-going 24 x 7 Support with or without standby.

Sify SASE Professional Services Scope

Deployment of dedicated tenant.

Onboarding of users, groups using AD connector or any other method.

Creation & mapping of SWG & Cloud DLP use cases.

Creation & mapping of CASB use cases along with threat protection.

Deployment of ZTNA publisher and mapping of internal applications.

Deploy Netskope SASE Gateway appliance in Branch.

Mapping of test user group for initial testing and fine tuning of policies.

Support in deployment of end agent on systems of test user group.

Testing of deployed policies along with test user group.

Sify supports Netskope Borderless SD-WAN

Offering a seamlessly integrated SASE platform, streamlining network operations while enhancing performance and security across web, cloud services, and private application.

Seamless Performance, Security, and Policy Consistency

Ensures uninterrupted connectivity with robust security measures and unified policy enforcement across all network endpoints, including sites, cloud environments, remote users, and IoT devices.

Deployment Flexibility

Solution provides a comprehensive suite of deployment options, ranging from Endpoint SD-WAN for laptops to SASE gateway appliances for micro to large branch/data center and virtual gateways for multi-cloud networking.

All-in-one SASE Gateway appliance

Consolidate multiple networking services (4G/5G, WiFi, Router, SD-WAN, VRF), on-prem security services (NGFW, IPS, IoT Security), and leverage one-click onramp to Netskope SSE services such as SWG/CASB to reduce complexity.

Context-aware SASE Fabric

Deliver SD-WAN visibility and optimization for 75k+ apps. Netskope Gateway integrated within Newedge network ensures high performance access to priority SaaS/UCaaS applications.

Common Use Cases

  • Safely Enable Cloud Apps
  • Discover Shadow IT
  • Unified Cloud Policies
  • Detect Cloud Threats
  • Optimized access for Next Gen SD-WAN Branch
  • Protect AWS + Azure GCP Workloads
  • Prevent Data Exfiltration