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With two decades of leadership in digital ICT, Sify empowers enterprises to achieve transformative business value by leveraging its world-class assets & services spanning across Data Center, Cloud, Network, Managed Services, and a wide portfolio of Digital Services.


Deliver digital outcomes with Sify’s Digital Bridge for Transformation

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India’s top 5 banks, Top 4 Manufacturing, 3 Major Hyperscalers, Global Social Media, OTT Players, and 10,000+ Enterprises trust Sify’s Digital Infrastructure

Digital Network Infrastructure Partner of Choice across India and Worldwide

Hybrid Access Strategy
  • 100K+ wireless enterprise connects across 1600+ Cities, 3700+ PoPs
  • Fiber coverage across 24+ Metro Cities
  • 7 International PoPs, global partnerships with Telecom Carriers and Internet Exchanges
Cloud & Digital Ready
  • 65+ Interconnected DCs, 99.999% guaranteed availability
  • Connectivity to all major Hyperscalers
  • High Bandwidth and Low Latency
Designed for Mission Critical Networks
  • Fully meshed backbone for resiliency
  • Powered by AI/ML based operations with dual NOCs
  • Sify OnNet: India’s first automated enterprise WAN
  • On demand network infrastructure services

End to End Digital Infrastructure across Data Centers, Networks, Hybrid/Multi Clouds, & Security

  • RAS based design for future ready infrastructure
  • Campuses scalable to 600+ MW with BTS capabilities
  • 200+ MW renewable energy contracted
  • Hyperconnected, Carrier-neutral and Rich Interconnect ecosystem
  • Commissioned 100+ MW IT power, expanding to 350+ MW & 75000+ racks by 2025
  • Enhanced 10 levels of security with automation
  • AI/ML led operational excellence with 99.999% uptime
  • Risk free, simplified Hybrid/Multi Cloud adoption and management

Sify Digital ICT Services with Agility, Flexibility, and Choices to empower your Digital Transformation

Digital Network
Infra Services

Digital Data Center
Infra Services

Digital Services


Cloud & IT
Managed Services

Digital Security

Full Stack

Digital Apps

Industry Apps

Network Digital Services

Enabling enterprises to achieve unparalleled connectivity and deliver seamless customer experience

Leverage our comprehensive network digital services offering Managed SD-WAN, SASE, Network Security, Multi-cloud and Data Center Networking, and Network Management powered by AI/ML from our dual NOCs.

End-to-end managed SD-WAN integrated with SASE architecture in partnership with leading OEMs

On-demand connectivity and visibility to business-critical data over a centralized Managed Wi-Fi platform

Advanced dual NOCs with global operations support across 22 countries

Automation & AI driven tools with diagnostics bots, self-service, faster incident correlation and predictive insights

Enhanced customer experience with complete network observability and SLA-backed services


Cloud & IT Managed Services

Harness the full potential of cloud

Our cloud framework caters to a variety of cloud-enabling to cloud-enhanced services, helping customers with assessment, migration to any target cloud environment (hyperscalers or Sify CloudInfinit public/private cloud) and deriving maximum value post migration.

Sify CloudInfinit- Your Enterprise Cloud Configure

  • Flexible compute instances on demand Predictive costs across catalog with no bill shock and no egress costs
  • Sify Cloud Anywhere enables enterprises to deploy an Edge Cloud pod for faster data processing Regulatory and compliance ready POD: SEBI, RBI, IRDA, Meity empaneled, and meet Data Localization
  • Enable Hybrid Cloud adoption with low latency interconnect to Hyperscalers

Sify InfinitCMP- Your Multicloud manager

  • One-click blueprint deployment of distributed workloads across multicloud
  • FinOps: AI/ML driven real-time observability to optimize and control cloud costs
  • Unified analytical view on overall utilization, trending, resource planning and security assessment

Advisory and migration services– Discovering IT landscape, analyzing workloads, migrating to the right platform with continuous optimization across hybrid/multi-clouds.

Hyperscale partner cloud services Successfully migrate, manage, and optimize your multi-cloud journey across AWS, Azure, GCP, and OCI.

Single partner for Managed services across digital IT with automation-led AI/ML driven operations


Digital Security Services

Securing the agile borderless enterprises of today 24×7

Eliminate all threats and vulnerabilities in today’s technology-driven world with a structured security framework covering service assurance, tools, and controls. With predictive analytics, rigorous monitoring, tech stack maintenance, and proactive management through our SOC, we ensure your digital infrastructure is safe.


Security Services

Comprehensive Managed Security Services from Edge to Cloud Deployments

Single solution provider covering DC, Network, Cloud, Apps, Hosts, and Data

Shared/On site/Hybrid services to manage diverse solutions with customized support models

SLA driven security services by virtue of SASE & Security providers hosted in Sify DCs

AI/ML driven continuous Security Assurance Monitoring & Automated Incident Management

Governance, Risk & Compliance Assurance services – Identify security vulnerabilities and remediate with Sify’s advanced managed services

InfinitDigital Services

Enabling enterprise-wide transformation

Leverage our comprehensive portfolio of digital solutions and services to deliver superior customer experiences and open new revenue streams with custom-based or market-ready SaaS solutions.

Sify Digital Services Platform

New Revenue Streams

  • InfinitAIML
  • DevSecOps

Customer Experience Transformation

  • Digital Enterprise Stack
  • Digital Asset Management


Operational Excellence

  • InfinitFSO
  • SAP, Oracle, Microsoft

Skill and Culture Transformation

  • Digital Learning
  • Digital Assessment

Enhanced customer experience through digital channels and multiple touchpoints with Digital Asset Management and Dealer Management Platform

Enable AIOps driven operational excellence, comprehensive visibility and actionable insights for optimized performance with our InfinitFSO platform

Foster Feature Velocity Developer Productivity, Quality, and Compliance with our Engineering Excellence Platform

Leverage Data-driven decision-making, data governance frameworks and analytics with InfinitAI/ML platform

Unlock business agility with Industry Application Services (SAP, Oracle, Microsoft)

Build a digital culture within the organization to embrace digital transformation with Digital Assessment Platform and Digital Augmentation Platform (AR, VR, MR)

Sify InfinitAI/ML:

Sify InfinitAI/ML platform enables enterprises to experience the convenience of a comprehensive and simplified platform that spans across the AI/ML lifecycle. It seamlessly manages and supervises data at all stages, eliminating disruptions, and ensuring smooth coordination.

Explore the immense possibilities offered by our purpose-built platform, which is designed to handle real-time operational data scenarios efficiently. Our platform provides holistic visualization, data lineage, governance, and security, empowering you to navigate the complexities of developing and training ML models.

End-to-End AI Stack

Eliminates fragmentation and streamlines AI adoption

Easy Data Management with SQL

Reduces barrier to entry for data analysts and data engineers

Proprietary Data Virtualization for AI

Provides a unified low-latency high throughput data access to AI pipeline

Get Real-Time Predictions with Simple API Calls

Seamless integration with existing applications and workflows


Sify Full Stack Observability monitors and measures the internal state and external interactions to identify and diagnose issues that may affect performance and availability across network segments, applications, devices, users, and databases across on-premises, edge, and cloud.

The FSO framework provides proactive assurance, event correlation, faster incident resolution, and root cause analysis enabling Single Pane of Observability with on-demand ops triage dashboard.

Sify InfinitFSO Outcomes

Proactive Assurance

  • Continuous assurance of outcomes
  • *Business Level Service Assurance & Dashboards
  • Predictive analytics and insights

Event Correlation / Noise Reduction

  • Multi-source Integration: Cloud, Edge, DC
  • Pull Events, Metrics, Logs & Traces
  • Enrich with Full stack context
  • Apply ML & Algorithmic Correlations

Faster Incident Resolution

  • 2-way collaboration capabilities
  • Built-in Diagnostics
  • *Auto-remediate with workflow automation

Faster Root Cause Analysis

  • Topology based root cause analysis & Forensics
  • Single pane of Observability with on demand ops triage dashboard – Metrics, logs,, KPIs, tickets, outcomes

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