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Government said Lockdown. We said “Bring it On”

More than 2 months into the nationwide lockdown and Sify ensured that India Working From Home is as good as India working from Office.

And customers tend to agree.

We highly appreciate you all & your backend teams who supported, for meticulous planning and discipline in adhering to the plan, with zero risks and seamless execution of it during our network hub and data center rebuild project. As it is the bank’s production data center, many critical applications are hosted in it and it is also the main networking hub for PAN India. It was required to be extremely cautious and careful during the entire execution phase of the project.

Both Sify and Bank teams have acted as a single unit for delivery of the project and hence we are able to complete the entire rebuild, without a delay of a single day. The entire project tenure was frictionless due to the sincerity towards timely completion, well defined RFP, SoW, and acceptance by Sify.

Fantastic governance is done by Rajiv for proactively raising red flags. Both Bank and Sify teams have jointly & timely addressed all showstoppers of the project well in time and it immensely helped during the journey of the entire project.

We hereby accept the project as all testing is successful (ISAT, Cooling, Power, etc) and made server hall live.

Thank you so much, Rajiv, Rameshwari, and Arshad once again. Stay safe and secure during the current Covid-19 lockdown!!

Sanjay Chaudhary


Thanks for your efforts during COVID-19 in ensuring the link is up!!!
Really appreciate the efforts & hats off to the field team as they are the real heroes (lion-hearted)!!!!


DeshRaj Thakur
Manager, GIS – IIMS
Wipro Limited

I sincerely appreciate the support from you to restore our connectivity on a prompt basis and then replacing the suspected cable as well, to avoid the recurrence of this issue.

We understand that these are tough times for all of us and receiving the same level of support as before is quite delightful. Thanks again for your continued support through these tough times.

Thanks and Regards,

Rohit Vishwakarma
Associate Head – IT
Perfetti Van Melle India Private Limited

I, on behalf of RBI appreciate all the efforts taken by all of you to keep the INFINET and payment system of the country ready for any threat emanating from COVID 19. We came together to make the country up and running in any scenario, keep it up.

Deepak Kumar

Chief General Manager
Department of Information Technology
Reserve Bank of India

I want to take a moment to thank you for the continued dedication, compassion, and all the hard work put in by each member of your organization to ensure business continuity during these troubled times, even as you all are worried about your own family and loved ones.

I have absolute confidence in our ability to adapt and successfully navigate in this challenging time, with the kind of dedication and commitment displayed by all our partners including yours. I have been truly awed by the quick response of your team members, working 24×7 to ensure the seamless functioning of the critical national payment systems.

We have initiated a minimum staffing BCP plan to ensure business continuity and have taken the utmost care to ensure appropriate sanitation in our offices and facilities that are used for the said minimum staffing plan.

Thank you once again for your continued commitment and dedication.

With regards,

Sachin Shende

Chief Operating Officer

Indian Financial Technology & Allied Services

COWARRIORS, you and your teams are making news…

Your efforts are getting noticed and acknowledged. A loud shout out to teams staying put in Hotels / Service apartments near the office, to teams coming to office, to all our vendor partners supporting us and to all working from home – Your efforts are commendable and appreciated.

Don’t let your guards down yet. Continue the good work at the same time keep a tab on your health and surroundings. Stay safe.

I am very sure that I have missed out on many names in the above list, but that doesn’t take away my appreciation of the efforts for people not on the list.

All Team leads pls forward my Gratitude and appreciate & acknowledge the efforts put in by all your staff, vendor partners working from home, or staying back near the office.

A Big Thank you to all of you.


Deviprasad Singh
Sr.Vice President – Infrastructure
National Stock Exchange of India Limited

Thank you all and sincerely appreciate efforts put in by each one of you and your team members. Let us continue the great work.

Warm regards,

Vinay Godambe
Chief Manager (Infra-Network)
National Stock Exchange of India Limited

Sify Technologies Limited has commissioned Akamai CDN Solution for us. During this lockdown, we have also received the required technical support and assistance from them.

Thanks & Regards,

Sarath R
Sr. Manager – Portals and App
Technology Services Group
ICICI Bank Limited, Mumbai

My compliments to you and your team for going out of your way and delivering this link to us at such a critical stage.

Please convey my regards to all those who were involved in getting this done. Cheers !!!

Abhijit Chakravarty
Vice President – Head IT Infrastructure Services
Axis Bank

We wish to thank you and your team for the support extended during these months of lockdown. We place on record, our appreciation to both the Link and Router teams.

Ashwini Kumar Allamsetti
Asst. Manager
Information Technology Department
Indian Overseas Bank
Central Office, Chennai

“Link has been restored now, as we know that due to COVID-19 field movement is very difficult, but we appreciate the effort level which is being given by you/your team to make the branches/ATM operational.

Again, thanks to all of you & looking forward to the same support in the future.”

Vivek Pandey
Network Integrator
Circle Office Kanpur,
Punjab National Bank

We appreciate your efforts in providing quality service in such extreme conditions. Especially, the new lease link of 45Mbps that has been provided by you, at two of our Delhi locations.

We also confirm that the said link is working fine.


Gaurav Kumar
Sr. Manager
Circle Office: South Delhi,
Punjab National Bank

We are truly grateful and would like to express our sincere gratitude towards all the team members of SIFY, who are supporting our bank’s network. Your services are appreciated, especially amidst the many constraints of this lockdown. We hope that your services will continue with the same zeal in all future calls.

Chetan Saxena
Manager IT
Circle Office, Kanpur
Punjab National Bank

As a network service provider for Punjab National Bank (erstwhile United Bank of India), Sify Technologies has shown immense professionalism and delivered professional support during the lockdown. The Field Engineers have done a commendable job by providing extended support in restoring the Network Connectivity of our Central Hospital Kalla (1420) Branch, within the shortest possible time during these restrictions. Their commitment and dedication are extremely appreciable, and we whole-heartedly thank the team.


Debdipta Ghosh
Manager IT
Burdwan Circle Office
Punjab National Bank

Sify connectivity has been restored at our location in Nimta, Kolkata. We appreciate the timely restoration of the link.

Thanks & Regards,

Supradip Acharya
Manager IT
Information Technology Department
Punjab National Bank

Thanks a lot, Sify Team. It is of great relief considering the present situation and possible travel of field engineer in Bhojpur.


Deependra Kumar
Tata Communication Limited

We are thankful to the Sify team for early resolution in ensuring the connectivity issue at our branch in this very tough condition of LOCKDOWN.

Santosh Singh

Branch Manager
Allahabad Bank

Thanks for your field support at this critical time for our Khamanon Branch under RO Ludhiana, your efforts really appreciable. We expect the same cooperation from your team in the future also.

Mandeep Sani
Manager IT
RO Ludhiana II
Syndicate Bank

Now the branch is up and working fine today. Your team visited the branch, fixed the issue, and restored the network. We are highly thankful to the Sify team, specially Jahangir Ul Quadir & Aamir Ul Quadr, for their great support.

Ashiq Ahmad
Branch Manager (Kanir Branch)
J&K Bank

We were under continuous pressure from the High Court Complex Authorities to shift our Bank branch. Thanks to the Sify Team for the support in ensuring the shift.

The Sify team completed RF testing on Sunday, and access was arranged on the new site. The team even managed to arrange the pole on the same day – the field engineer had to cover 12 km on foot for the entire activity.

We thank the Sify team for extending timely support in getting the link shifted on short notice, especially during the lockdown time.

We thank you for the support during this time.

M. Omar Farooq
IC Enterprise Network
Corporate Headquarters – J&K BANK Limited
Maulana Azad Road, Srinagar

This is to inform you that, Sify Team has done a really good job and implemented our link within a short period and arranged all the required materials during this lockdown situation. I really appreciate the support from the team.

Thanking You,

Abhishek Prabhakar
Branch Manager
Naharkatia Branch
Central Bank of India

The Sify Team has done an excellent job during the Janata Curfew & lockdown. We appreciate the travel of Sify Engineer & Technician during this time from Hoshiarpur to Batala.

Charanjeet Singh
Branch Manager
Punjab & Sind Bank – Gurdaspur (Punjab)

It is great to acknowledge the MPLS services delivered by SIFY Technologies Limited at 645 Branch offices at Prathama UP Gramin Bank.

We thank them for professional efforts shown during implementation.

At the same time, we would like to appreciate Mr. Krishnendra Singh on his project Management and technical skills. He has taken a lot of effort in ensuring customer satisfaction by understanding delivery milestones and delivering them on time. Despite a short time given, he was able to complete the assignment.

We thank them for the wonderful support and wish them all the best in future endeavors.

Thanking You,

Kapil Dubey
Sr. Manager – IT
Prathama UP Gramin Bank
HO: Moradabad

We have developed a great relationship with Sify Technologies over the years, for the Data Center services rendered by them. Their dedication is evident in all aspects of the services provided. Also, their approach to regular scheduled / preventive test activity with great attention to detail is commendable. We have had no interruption of services, even during the lockdown period. It’s a good decision to be with them.

Immanuel Ponraj
Senior Manager – IT
Citizencredit Co-operative Bank Limited

We are pleased to record our appreciation for the excellent customer support service received from Sify Technologies Limited for Banda District Cooperative Bank. We would like to appreciate Mr. Avanish Kumar Yadav for the great support during lockdown conditions due to COVID-19.

IT Cell In-charge(Development)
Banda District Co-operative Bank Limited,
Banda (U.P.)

We are pleased to express our appreciation for the excellent customer service which we received from Sify Technologies Limited for Zila Sahkari Bank Ltd, Ghaziabad. We would like to appreciate Mr. Arvind Kumar for the great support during lockdown conditions due to COVID-19.

Dinesh Kumar Singh
Chief Executive Officer
Zila Sahkari Bank Limited,

We are very much pleased by the excellent customer service which we received from Sify Technologies Limited for District Cooperative Bank ltd., Jhansi and we would like to especially appreciate Mr. Avanish Kumar Yadav for the extraordinary support during COVID-19 lockdown times.

Zila Sahkari Bank Limited,

We are pleased to express our appreciation for the exceptional customer service which we received from Sify Technologies Limited for District Cooperative Bank. We would like to appreciate particularly Mr. Arvind Kumar for the remarkable support during the COVID-19 lockdown period.

Zila Sahkari Bank Limited,

We are pleased to express our appreciation for the fantastic customer service which we received from Sify Technologies Limited for District Cooperative Bank. We would like to appreciate Ravi Prakash Jaiswal, Arvind Kumar, Anshuman Singh, and Vikram Pratap Singh for their phenomenal support during lockdown conditions due to COVID-19 pandemic.

District Cooperative Bank Limited,

We are very happy with the unprecedented customer service which we received from Sify Technologies Limited for Zila Sahkari Bank Ltd, Mirzapur and would like to appreciate UPCB team especially Mr. Anshuman Singh who has done an excellent job over the past several months and provided extended support during lockdown condition due to COVID-19 pandemic in improving link uptime, reducing circuit fault rates and resolving connectivity issues at the earliest.

Zila Sahkari Bank Limited,

We are pleased to express our appreciation for the excellent customer support service which we received from Sify Technologies Limited for District Co-operative Bank and would like to appreciate Mr. Avanish Kumar Yadav for the great support during lockdown conditions due to COVID-19.

Hamirpur District Co-operative Bank Limited,

On behalf of Hardoi District Co-Operative Bank Ltd, we are very pleased with the excellent job done by Mr. Anuj Kumar.

He has demonstrated the ability to add value to everything, with his dedication, creativity, and resourcefulness. Due to the hard work, we’ve been able to do a better job of serving our customers and keeping up with the demands of the business.

His contribution to the team reflects the importance that he places on making a collective effort. We are grateful for everything that he has done up to this point.

Hardoi District Co-operative Bank Limited,

We are pleased to express our appreciation for the excellent customer support service which we received from Sify Technologies Limited for District Cooperative Bank and would like to appreciate Mr. Arvind Kumar for the great support during lockdown conditions due to COVID-19.

Thanks & Regards,

Deputy General Manager – IT
District Co-Operative Bank Limited,

As you are aware, banks have been marked as an essential service during the COVID situation. Hence, we needed our bank to be up & running continuously. We are truly grateful to the Sify team for providing us a 100% uptime guarantee during this time. Your services are appreciated.

Well done and keep it up!

Kandekar Sudhakar
Asst. Chief Manager
Nagar Urban Cooperative Bank Limited
(Multi-State Scheduled Bank)

Since the last 10 years, we have had 60 of our bank branches connected by the Sify network and are getting uninterrupted service. We appreciate your commitment to the upkeep and running of our Links, enabling our Bank branches to function normally during COVID lockdown.

Thanks and Regards,

Manoj Gholap
The Nasik Merchant’s Cooperative Bank Limited

To deliver smooth and timely services to our customers, we have high dependencies – on the network between offices, primary data centers, and disaster recovery sites. These enable the core ERP to run smoothly across our group companies, including the internet uptime which is important for access to our applications and website.

As a strategic partner, Sify has supported us in ensuring 99.5% uptime access to all the servers and applications. Our employees were able to access them even from outside office. We have been able to successfully plan and use the BCP during the COVID period. We appreciate the support extended by the Sify team.

Dinesh Singh
Head – IT, DC Project
Mahindra & Mahindra Financial Services Limited

Your efforts are appreciable even in limited accessibility unavoidable conditions. This is remarkable efforts that too, without any downtime, very smoothly you have completed this activity.


Thanks & regards,

Vikas Narula
Vice President Information Technology
AU Small Finance Bank Limited

While the world is under lockdown to fight COVID-19, only the essential services have been active. I would like to take this opportunity to appreciate all the Sify personnel who are working to keep the banking network up and running. I would like to particularly mention the Sify personnel who are risking their lives, traveling to remote locations for performing branch implementation, and issues resolution.

The situation is especially tough for the Sify support team. But we are all committed to keeping the Banking Services up and running supported by your network connectivity, which is the key.

I would like to dedicate my massive gratitude to the Sify Team, who are working for the fulfillment of banking services and for keeping all banking operations going.

Thanks once again to the entire team.

Best Regards,

Sumit Dutta
Project Head
Intellect Design
(On behalf of Utkarsh Bank)

Sify has commissioned our MPLS-VPN Links, Internet Lease Lines, Managed Wi-Fi, AWS Cloud, and Managed Services. The services rendered by Sify have been live and constantly monitored through their NOC. They have been running satisfactorily through these COVID-19 times.

Rakesh Gowda
IT Infra Executive
U GRO Capital Limited

In the last few days, our internet connection was down due to a technical fault and this created a lot of hurdles for us while working.

Today Rajinder Singh, a Field Engineer from Sify had visited our office to fix the issue. Due to the COVID-19 lockdown, the route between Jammu and Rajouri is closed for transport. Despite this, Rajinder traveled on a government transport vehicle (vegetable truck), facing a lot of challenges on the way. His single-minded purpose was to somehow reach our office, resolve the technical fault, and get the connection working again. His sincere efforts made nearly impossible support, possible.

Now, our internet connection is working fine. I feel quite thankful to him, for his efforts.

Safeer Ahmed
Branch Operations Executive
Pramerica Life Insurance Limited
Rajouri, J&K

The last few weeks have been quite challenging for all of us, managing different responsibilities, increased load, pressure, and seeing things change around us at an unprecedented pace.

Amidst all of this we had our challenge of getting Virtual Desktops setup for our employees, where we couldn’t manage a laptop. It was great to observe that our key strategic partner stepped up to this challenge and helped us accomplish and end to end setup of AWS Virtual Desktops in just about a week’s time. This is indeed phenomenal and quite heartening to see the alignment between teams for accomplishing a customer objective.

My heartfelt thanks to Alok, Krishna, Chennappachetty, Saravanan, Maruthan, Ariff & Ramesh from the Sify team for working tirelessly and getting this critical capability delivered in a such a short span of time. While all of you had different roles to play and did that to the best of your capabilities, what makes it truly special is the strong element of TEAMWORK which held it together and made these efforts successful. In the same vein would also like to thank Ravi for leading this, ably supported by Pardeep, for making this a reality at PLI.

Here’s hoping that we continue to deliver more of such business-critical initiatives with a similar level of alignment, commitment, and agility.


Mayank Bhargava
CIO, Pramerica Life Insurance Limited

Sify Technologies Limited has commissioned the AWS Direct Connect solution for HDFC Life Insurance Company Ltd. The solution rendered by Sify has been live and running smoothly. It was monitored and managed through their NOC and SOC. Also, during the lockdown period, the link performance was smooth, and all the required support was provided by Sify.

Thank you for your support!!!


Naved Khatri
Manager – Business Systems & Technology
HDFC Life Insurance Limited

We have successfully landed the Day 1 transition for the GSK merger.

I would like to take this opportunity and thank each one of you and the extended team for the excellent support & drive during such difficult times. Your commitment and round-the-clock support were big differentiators.

I am happy that Vittrak & Sify team is now officially partners with HUL. We have a huge agenda ahead of us and am keen to make this a mega-success with your support.


Narendra Agrawal
Lead IT Partner, M&A Integration, South Asia
Hindustan Unilever Limited

I want to thank you for the fantastic job done by Sify team and especially Rajat Roy, during COVID-19 lockdown. Since work from home was the new normal for all of us, providing IT support became extremely crucial for the business. We have done quick changes during the lockdown, like change in set IT group policies, patch management, timely user advisories, Microsoft Teams implementation, and enabling of Multi-factor authentication across the organization. We achieved all these goals within a set timeline.

Rajat did a really good job by training FieldFresh team members on the new technologies which made a huge difference. I am certain that the team also feels rewarded and recognized under his guidance. As a valued member of our IT team, I truly appreciate his and the contributions of the entire IT team!

Thanks for all the support as always.

Vishal Jain
Head IT & Infra
Bharti Del Monte India Foods Private Limited | FieldFresh Foods Pvt Ltd

Outstanding efforts have taken!! well done Sachin and team!!


Deependra Kumar
Tata Communication Limited

Thanks to you and your team for better support in this scenario. We appreciate you and your team for this effort, as of now link is stable and working fine you may close this call.

Saurav Suman
Senior Engineer
Walmart India

Thanks a lot for the great work with Karthika, well done she is good!

Vielen Dank, Best Reagrds;

Bernd Werner
Delivery Coordinator
Telia Carrier

NEC Corporation is a Japanese multinational information technology and electronics company that globally provides “Solutions for Society” to promote the safety, security, efficiency, and equality of society.

At NEC India the production server was impacted & needed to be restored from backup and bring back to production. The Sify Team worked quickly to bring back the solution in no time.

Priyanka Verma

Product In-charge
NEC Technologies India Private Limited

Thanks a lot sir for restoring connectivity at Varian Hospital, Jammu during this critical period.

Your prompt responses are really appreciated.


Harshit Bajaj
American Oncology
Varian Hospital

Thanks to Sify Dmart India’s Kachiguda store link was delivered and made live during the lockdown.

Vikram Bhatia
Sr. Vice President- IT
Avenue Supermarts Limited

Sify has long been Kellogg’s strategic partner in India, for our pan-India Network (MPLS, Internet) and Data Centre services. Over the past few months, we have been witnessing the nationwide lockdown due to the COVID-19 situation. Sify went a notch above, to assure seamless IT service delivery. With its proactive approach, Sify enabled us to focus on our core work, which is food manufacturing. This has been a demonstration of true partnership values by Sify and we appreciate their support in ensuring that our business functions are working without any interruptions.

Asfar Khan
Director – Information Technology
Jitendra Solanki
Senior Manager – IT Infrastructure & Workplace Services
Kellogg India Private Limited

We are thankful to Sify Team for keeping our MPLS Network up and stable. Being an essential commodity manufacturer and supplier of Edible Oils and Soya Badi, we have a strong portfolio of brands viz. MAHAKOSH, SUNRICH, NUTRELA, RUCHIGOLD. Our manufacturing units and warehouses span across India. Enabling manufacturing and supply chain to work effectively, requires a stable network & connectivity, which Sify Team ensured during the lockdown.

Our thanks to all involved in this – Sify Field Engineers, NOC Teams, Management.

Thanks & Regards,

Jitendra Kanungo
Head – IT Infrastructure and Security
Ruchi Soya Industries Limited

Thank you to the Sify Engineers for restoring the connectivity even in a tough situation where field engineers traveled all the way.

Deependra Kumar

Tata Communication Limited

Since its first detection in China, Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) has now spread to over 210 countries/territories, with reports of local transmission happening across the world.

To contain the outbreak, many countries have closed their borders to arrivals from countries with infections, ordered businesses to close, and instructed their populations to self-quarantine

and many of the countries have locked down the cities. India is currently in the amid of a 21-day lockdown, that began on March 25, to contain the spread of the coronavirus.

Considering the current COVID-19 lockdown situation, our stockists are barely making transactions in Forum NXT starting from the 20th of March 2020. However, the SIFY team is providing all necessary online support to IOC in order to continue the transaction in Forum NXT without any difficulties. SIFY Team is reachable over the phone and they are ready to assist us at any time during this difficult phase.

We thank the SIFY team for their sincere efforts to make the Forum NXT system functional as normal during this lockdown period.


K. Jayakumar
Chief Manager (Lubes-Reseller Sales)
Indian Oil Corporation Limited

Thanks for your continued support during this Crisis Situation. Our Team is able to access DC NMS & e-graphs from home networks now through VPN. It is an achievement and milestone in the history of the DOP Network! However long this Crisis situation continues, we will work together like this to achieve many things in the future!!

R. Srinivasan

AM & Team Lead (NW)
CEPT Chennai
Department of Posts, India

As you must be aware, Post Offices have been marked as an essential service during this lockdown.

You and your team are working hard in these difficult times. Your efforts in keeping up all the NSP links and resolving the issues at the specified timelines in case of any issue are highly appreciated by this office. Your unstinted support in fixing issues in coordination with the BSNL authorities, are worth mentioning, without which many offices in Punjab would not be able to perform their operations.

Well done and keep it up.

Gaurav Khatkar

Inspector PMU
Punjab Circle
Department of Posts, India

I would like to offer my heartful thanks to Mr. Dewan Saiful Islam, Senior Engineer- Field Operations, and the entire Assam team of M/s Sify Technologies Limited for the devotion of duty in the current lockdown period. Keeping aside the risk of own life, they have provided services to the Post Offices facing network issues, not only over phone but also by visiting the Offices in person. In one instance, Mr. Dewan Saiful Islam and his team drove around 400 km to rectify network issues at Sapatgram Post Office.

I appreciate the support provided during the crisis.

Kamala Choudhury
Assistant Director (PMU),
Assam Circle
Department of Posts, India

This letter is issued to acknowledge the robust response and action to the request made by DoP Kerala Circle in establishing a network connection to run mobile post offices across Kerala Circle. With the active involvement and timely support, the first “Post office on Wheels” was operationalized in Thiruvananthapuram North Postal Division on 25.03.2020 and this successful mission could be repeated, across Kerala Postal Circle through nineteen such mobile post offices. This has helped to reach out to the public who are remaining indoor under lockdown state due to COVID-19.

This success story has been replicated by other Circles PAN India. Appreciation of Kerala Postal Circle may be conveyed to all the team members of your organization who have contributed to making Post Office on Wheels a reality.

N Janakiraman
Assistant Director (TGY)
Kerala Circle
Department of Posts, India

I am writing to thank your team, especially Sri Dinesh Mohapatra and Sri Satyabrata Gouda, Sify – Circle NOC for the quality of service provided during the period of lockdown.

We sincerely appreciate your efficient, gracious customer service the level of accountability you have demonstrated during the crucial period to resolve the network-related issues.

With best wishes,

Khageswar Mallick
Assistant Director (PMU)
O/o The CPMG, Odisha Circle, Bhubaneshwar
Department of Posts, India

I would like to offer my heartfelt thanks to Shri. Saurabh Jyoti Sarma, Senior Engineer, Field Operation, and the entire team of M/s Sify Technologies Ltd. of North East Circle for devotion to duty during the lockdown period. Keeping aside the risk of their own lives, they have provided services to the post offices and India Post ATMs, which had network issues.

The competent authority is pleased to appreciate the support provided during this crisis.

B.K. Patro
Assistant Director (Technology/PMU)
North East Circle, Shillong
Department of Posts, India

West Bengal Electronics Industry Development Corporation Limited is the government agency responsible for technology development in West Bengal.

We would like to convey our sincere thanks for making CCTNS application accessible and functioning within 24 hours post malfunctioning of outdated Fortigate Firewall through the utilisation of old Checkpoint UTM (model 13500) with temporary 30 days trial license provided through Checkpoint and making management functionality in place using the creation of new Virtual Machines and required checkpoint management tool.

It was indeed a complex and highly critical task which your team has successfully able to complete and made possible within the shortest possible time.

Keep the spirit up and continue in the coming days.

Sunit Bhattacharjee

West Bengal Electronics Industry Development Corporation

Insurance Information Bureau (IIB) was formed for facilitating the efficient functioning of the insurance sector as well as for the protection of the interests of the policyholders by providing reliable, timely, and accurate information on the industry.

The Sify team provided timely support and guidance in creating an additional secured policy. This is part of managed service firewall support & this additional policy and configuration enabled our users to remotely access / WFH support.

Srikanth PVS
Head – IT
Insurance Information Bureau of India

In the current COVID-19 lockdown situation, our distributors are barely making transactions in Forum NXT starting from the 20th of March 2020. However, the SIFY team is providing all necessary online support to BPCL Lubes in order to continue the transaction in Forum NXT without any difficulties. SIFY Team is reachable over the phone and they are ready to assist us at any time during this difficult phase. Even Sify has provided support to the HQ team well in time when we were doing some job for the start of the New Financial year.

We thank the SIFY team for their sincere efforts to make the Forum NXT system functional as normal during this lockdown period.

Thanks & regards,

Ajay Nigam
Business Information Manager
Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited

Well done SIFY Team for support towards restoration of said circuit.

Deependra Kumar
Tata Communication Limited

Dear Team,

The link is stable and working fine now.

Appreciate the support extended by your support team.

We shall monitor the same and revert, if required.

Thanks & regards,

Uttam Mengade
Network Engineer
IndusInd Media & Communications Limited

Our Distributed Management System (DMS) is enabled by Sify’s ForumNXT product. As part of Sify’s Business Continuity Partnership, Sify’s support is keeping our business active even during the Covid-19 crisis.

Thank you once again for your support.

SJ Muralidhar

National Business Head,
Sunshine Enterprises

We are thankful to the Sify Team for keeping our SAP Infra & Services up and running. This is much appreciated, especially during difficult times of pandemic and that too, without any lapse or change in resolution time.

With our manufacturing units at two different locations, Sify kept our work going, which allowed us to provide essential services to the business, enabling the manufacturing and supply chain to work effectively.

Our thanks to all involved in this.

Ammar Sulaimani
Head IT
SEForge Limited

Thank you for the excellent support also, it has been a pleasure to work with you and we are very happy all is now migrated as required.

I will issue the service commencement notice tomorrow, let’s observe the service for now and ensure all is satisfactory. In the interim, if possible, I would very much appreciate your cross-connect reference for our records, for information in the event of any issues in the future, I hope this is ok.

I take this opportunity to thank you and the team at Sify for your great support again.

Very best wishes,

Pravi S Rambocus
AVP, Network Project Management
PCCW Global

As I procured lease line under the self-service model. I was unable to get the multicast earlier.

But now I would like to inform you the same that I am getting the multicast and the data packets from the exchange and I am thus keeping the situation under observation for 2-3 days.

I would heartily like to thank the Sify team (Yogesh Sir, Rakesh Sir, Chandan Sir) for supporting me to the best possible extent. This team helped me a lot as I was unaware of the problem and they solved the problem.

I am highly obliged with the support of your team.

Thanking you

Anuj Katta
KIFS Trade Capital, Jaipur

Thanks for your support. it wasn’t easy for us without your support to solve, as our IT personal was absent (corona effect) but with your support, we have successfully migrated. And very important in the absence of knowledge I was very much confused and little worrisome because as per schedule from 1st April VSAT service was about to close. But you guide me properly and NSE has given relief up to 15th May.

Thanks again,

Manish Shah
Manashvi Securities Limited

Thanks a LOT for you and your team member’s support in this lockdown situation.

Once again, we thank your engineer Mr. Balu for his support and response to get Router and making this link UP and working.


Kishore K
B.N.Rathi Securities Limited

Thank you for restoring the Sify Link in our critical circuit at GOA Airport used for Airport operations. Thank You all for your support despite restrictions outside due to Covid-19.

Thanks & regards,

Geraldo Almeida
Associate Field Technician (Operations)
Sita Aero

We are thankful to Sify for their continuous support during the lockdown period due to COVID-19 pandemic. Our Distributor Management System is developed and hosted by Sify. During this time, we can now meaningfully utilize the system in developing additional functionality as per our requirement.


Krishanu Ray
Associate Vice President (Application Management)
Corporate IT Department
Balmer Lawrie & Company Limited

Sify has been our trusted technology partner for the last 15 years. Our business is dependent on Sify’s Managed MPLS Network, which we have deployed in all our offices PAN-India, for seamless connectivity of our business operations. In our long association with Sify, we hardly faced any downtime. Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, Sify supported us round the clock. We are thankful to them and look forward to more technology adoptions from Sify.

P Santhosh
DGM – Technology Solutions
Bharat Bijlee Limited

HPPCL appreciates the effort & work done by the Sify Team during the COVID-19 crisis and lockdown situation for managing smoothly & flawlessly, Center Operations 24×7 of Himachal Pradesh Power Corporation (HPPCL).

Special word of appreciation and acknowledgment to Mr. Shikher Mahajan for his support, coordination along with his team deployed & quick response during this pandemic.

Thanks & Regards,

Ved Prakash
Sr. Manager (IT)
Himachal Pradesh Power Corporation Limited

Thanks for the proactive monitoring and actions for cloud infrastructure.

Krishnan Kumar
Max Life Insurance

We have high dependencies on Sify’s Cloudinfinit Services, for the SAP ERP to run smoothly across the entire organization.

Sify, as a strategic partner has supported in ensuring 99.9% uptime access to all the servers and applications for our employees even for a WFH (Work-From-Home) environment, during this nationwide lockdown.

We appreciate the support extended by Sify Team to ensure that our business functions are working without any interruptions.

Keep up the good work!!!


Saleem Shaikh
Arshiya Limited

I had been continuously watching your prompt and regular physical visit to NISCAIR Data Centre in this hour of gross pandemic scenario. I, on behalf of NISCAIR, appreciate your commitment to the upkeep and running of our Data Centre Services and as well M/s Sify Technologies professional approach towards their clients.

My best wishes and advice on adopting safe measures against COVID-19 Pandemic.

With Regards,

C.B. Singh
Head, Information Technology Division & Infrastructure Division
DC Administrator-NISCAIR Data Centre
(An ISO 27001 Certified Data Centre)

We have not faced any issue due to the current pandemic of Covid-19. The Sify support and incident team have provided excellent support for our infrastructure.

Shyam Sharma
Asst. General Manager – IT Infrastructure
J M Baxi Group

On behalf of PDIL, I thank the Sify support team for restoring the network link in such difficult conditions. We understand that in these trying times, it requires enormous effort by the ground level technicians as well as the backend team, in ensuring business continuity for corporates. In this time of the pandemic, you too are COVID warriors, who ensure that we remain connected and can work. We appreciate the entire Sify team and thank you for the support. Keep your good work going so that we continue our mutually beneficial business association for long.

Anupama Shrivastava
Projects & Development India Limited, Noida

During the nationwide lockdown declared in view of the COVID-19 pandemic, Sify’s Sarvajeet Kumar Dubey, Asst. Manager – Operations SDC including three associates of Sify Team (Hitesh Semwal, non-IT Eng. Rohit Sharma, Sr. System Engineer, and Vinod Panwar, Helpdesk Engineer) rendered 24×7 essential Data Center services for the Govt. of Uttarakhand. This ensured the smooth functioning of the Data Center without any IT & non-IT service impact.

We thank Sify Team for their sincere effort.

Yours Sincerely,

Department of Information Technology
Government of Uttarakhand