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Fulfill your network coverage needs to support and elevate your multi-cloud strategy

Sify’s GlobalCloudConnect (GCC) services offer a seamless bridge between your on-premise infrastructure and cloud-hosted workloads, bypassing the public internet through a secure, deterministic network. We help enterprises optimize the performance of their multi-cloud setup with our resilient, low-latency network, offering agility, stability, and scalability.


Our enterprise grade GlobalCloudConnect is designed over a network specifically for the cloud by leveraging ethernet and one of India’s largest MPLS backbone as the underlying technology. With our extensive network of NNIs (Network-Network Interconnects) spanning AWS, OCI, Azure, GCP, and select cloud nodes within our data centers, enterprises can access all cloud service platforms while ensuring unparalleled performance.

Business Benefits

  • Carrier-agnostic network
  • Enhanced security and control
  • Robust disaster recovery
  • On-demand flexible links
  • Hybrid cloud deployment
  • Lower cost and higher ROI
  • End to end availability: 99.5% and above
Business Benefits

Let your on-prem infrastructure and multi-cloud operate in an integrated system.